Why Handmade?

10 reasons why you should buy handmade products.


Handmade is :

  1. Authentic; creates a fuller experience. There are relatable stories behind products. Luvi Kids is born out a desire to provide women artisans sustainable incomes.
  2. Empowers Artisans; in our case women. 
  3. Ethical; Handmade is made with honor and respect. Spreads joy. On the other hand mass production usually makes farmers and factory workers pay for the lost cost items they make with below minimum wage pay and unsafe working conditions.
  4. Personalized; each product is made uniquely, so artisans are flexible to make it according to the future owner's wishes. You can personalize Luvi Dresses by getting your daughter's initials sewn into the dresses.
  5. Makes You Part Of A Story; buying a handmade product has a direct effect on the artisan like supporting their family or help to keep traditional skills alive. Shopping from Luvi Kids you help to create jobs for a community of women who loves making beautiful dresses.
  6. Zero Waste (Almost); Luvi Kids repurposes leftover fabrics to pouches we use as packaging. 
  7. Minimal Carbon Footprint; handmade doesn't require tons of materials and energy like mass production (factories, big shipments). It's better for the future of the world. 
  8. Unite with nature; artisans generally prefer working with natural materials. In the spirit of help preserving nature, Luvi Kids dresses are made of cotton and bamboo fabrics and yarns.
  9. Modern Heirlooms; connects us with our past. This is where the craftsmanship stands out, handmade items tend to outlive the cheaper mass-produced ones. Luvi Kids assures each dress is made with high-quality craftsmanship.
  10. Cherished; makes you feel good about your purchase. The amount of labor, time and thought invested in making each Luvi Kids dresses precious.

Are you ready to do some handmade gifts shopping? Take a look at our handmade dress collection for kids. We make sure art, beauty, skill, and quality is at the heart of every Luvi Kids dress.

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